All About African Countries

Africa as a continent has come a long way. From being considered a hopeless continent from the 70’s to the 90’s, it has more recently inspired confidence and hope both in the eyes of its citizens, and its partners abroad. Many African countries have some of the fastest growing economies in the world, and their middle class is ever-expanding. For the past few years, a mobile phone revolution has been afoot on the continent. Many countries have turned to forming economic regional blocs and building new infrastructures to speed up growth and development. The African Union has been taking steps to create a continental free trade area. It has also been involved in peace-keeping missions and maintaining political stability across the continent.

Despite these successes, a few African countries are still plagued with famine and war. Terror groups have made appearances in parts of the continent. While public and democratic institutions have gotten stronger, there is still a lot of work to ensure continued improvement. Economic structure and growth are also different by country. Underdeveloped infrastructure and manufacture often lead to high trade costs. Social and cultural issues often hinder growth in many parts of the continent. The articles on this blog will be covering all these subjects.

“In God We Trust. All Others Must Bring Data”

This quote from statistician William E. Deming represents one of the cornerstones of Analyst Kingdom’s mission. Using data from the World Bank and other reliable sources, we will be looking historically at the progress of Africa over the years. That way, we may have a better idea of where the continent is heading. And if you are someone who is keen on verifying the information you receive using reliable numbers and data, then Analyst Kingdom will resonate with you.

While some articles are descriptive and focus on reporting facts, others are more analytical in nature. We enjoy sharing our ideas and thoughts with you, and appreciate your taking the time to read them. The goal of Analyst Kingdom is to create a community where you can read about data driven insights and notes regarding Africa. So, please feel free to comment and share the articles on this website with your friends and your social network.